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Are you a small or medium size mortgage company that wants to increase your income by $20,000 to $40,000 a month?

We will fly out two of our top trainers to your location and train you and your staff on how to set up shop and start closing loans.

Every month we work with loan officers that have thrown away large commercial deals and massive commercial commissions. In today’s market you can’t afford to through away any cash deals!

For the small one time investment of $7,000 we will fly out not just one, but two of the top trainers in the commercial finance industry. This amount also covers all our expenses. We have over 37 years experience in finance and bring you only the best. You will learn how to originate commercial loans, find the lenders you need to place the commercial loans and how take them through to funding and get the money into your bank account. This one time investment in you or your company will bring you to new level so you can earn an extra $200,000 to $400,000 a year.

This is what you will learn in the nine hours of intense focused training: • Intro to commercial lending, commercial opportunities and market • Property types and loan types • Marketing, what, where, how, niches? • Loan process, how to make it flow smoothly to funding • How to write a professional Executive Summary • The do’s and don’ts of commercial lending • Service Agreement, getting paid for your time • Underwriting and calculations • Putting it all together and getting cash in the bank!

By the time we are done, you would have learned all the tools needed to start closing commercial loans and getting paid.

This time spent is going to give you the ability to quickly package, process and fund commercial loans plus we will give you the street savvy techniques used by the pros to make you a commercial loan money making machine.

You are going to receive our Complete Commercial Lending Made Simple Training manual and the prestigious service agreement that will make sure you get paid and not cheated out of what you worked for.

So why learn from a book or take years of trial and errors, not to mention thousands of wasted dollars, when you can hire the best that have already done it.

You will be amazed with how simple we make it as we show you right before your eyes. This hands on training will be perfect to launch your commercial lending division and set you apart from the rest.

Once we have taught you how to originate leads and get them in process we are still there to help, we include two extra follow up hours of training by our expert trainers to make sure you get off on the right foot.

Stop worrying where your next residential loan is coming from. The commercial lending industry is HOT and is starting its “refi-boom”. Make sure you never ever work for free again. With our exclusive Commercial Lending Mastery course you will learn the top marketing strategies on how to originate commercial loans and set yourself apart from the residential crowd.

This complete commercial training course will give you the knowledge to set yourself apart from the rest and master the secrets of commercial lending. Gain the knowledge of how to be a proficient commercial professional without looking incompetent! Give us one highly effective day of your time, and we can change your financial future for the rest of your life!

This is a NO B.S. commercial business training to turn your dreams into fortunes. The harsh reality is that dreams without action is just that, a dream. So take action and start your commercial career off right and start generating an extra $200,000 a year in fees in addition to your residential income.

So STOP wasting time and money! Take the guesswork out of the picture by having CommercialTrainers teach you our “CAPTIVATING MARKETING” techniques and our “PROFIT BUILDING SYSTEM” that will give you the power to succeed. Discover the level of finance that has made Millionaire Originators.

Sign up today and receive access to our exclusive inner circle commercial finance conference calls for 6 months.

To find out more information about adding a commercial division to your existing residential mortgage business, please call or email Mickey O’Brien at 916-224-5626

For more information contact:
Head Trainer Mickey O’Brien,
PO Box 125, Fair Oaks, California 95628
Ph: (916) 534-8358

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I have never worked in the lending industry: to be honest I was intimidated by it. I thought that it would take years to even begin to understand the procedures that are involved. I finally decided to attend a class taught by Mickey O’Brien from He took commercial loan topics and explained them in detail, but in such a way that everyone was able to understand them. I learned to fund and plan on taking the four day live class that offers in the near future.

Andrew Korzeniewski